"Being a professional golfer, I want to practice my short game on a golf green that simulates the conditions on tour. Southwest Greens of the Valley has given me that and a great amenity for our family recreation. Unbelievable!"
~ Hale Irwin, 3 Time U.S. Open Champion Read More Pro Endorsements
Sports And Recreation Articles
Arizona golf course

Arizona, A Prime State For Golf Enthusiasts
The state of Arizona has long been recognized as a premier destination for golf lovers. According to Phoenix golf source, metropolitan Phoenix has over 185 golf destinations, which includes public, private and resort golf courses.  With so many top-notch Arizona golf course...
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Arizona Putting Greens

Arizona Putting Greens Can Save Your Life!
Installing an Arizona putting green may save you money, as well as your life! Find this hard to believe? According to an American time use survey by the United States Department of Labor, in 2006 the average American male spent 3.53 hours a day watching TV...
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Uses of Artificial Turf

Use of Artificial Turf Vital to Water Conservation
We all love beautiful, lush green lawns, but we also need water to sustain life. With water conservation becoming increasingly important particularly in the dry Southwestern deserts, many people are considering replacing their real lawn with artificial grass…
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European Golf Courses

There are few thoughts more alluring to the avid golfer than a journey back to where the game began and a round on any of the truly legendary European golf courses the continent has to offer. While you're waiting for those rounds to materialize, Southwest Greens Europe invites you to bring the game home...
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Sport Fishing

Talon Lodge offers the best salmon fishing according the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
In an ongoing study of Alaska Sport Fishing and the average rod hours it takes for a sport fisherman to catch an Alaska King Salmon or Alaska Silver Salmon, Sitka again ranks first as the best Salmon Fishing destinations throughout...
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Exercise Improves Health

Exercise Improves Health And Perfomance Of Nations First Responders
Given the stressful and strenuous nature of the job this comes as no surprise, and reinforces the importance of strength training and exercise in the life of a first responder. As a leading distributor of commercial exercise equipment, Advanced Exercise has the privilege of providing fitness equipment for fire and police departments across the country...
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Home Improvement Articles

Home and Garden Designing with Pottery
We offer the exceptional retail and wholesale pottery that you need to enhance your home and garden. We offer the most decorative garden gift sets and pottery gift sets for your home and garden...
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Hydrochill is Here!

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Why go with artificial grass?

  • Year round green grass and you'll hardly be able to tell the difference between synthetic and the real thing!
  • Little to no maintenance. No watering, mowing or fertilizer. Just more time for you to relax!
  • Build a true-to-size or miniature backyard putting green or putting course in your very own backyard. Our putting greens are a great addition to any residential home or commercial area and it will take your golf game to new heights!
  • Outdoor fun without the continued maintenance and upkeep that a backyard area requires.
  • Our turf is heavy metal free, child and pet friendly.

Southwest Greens will only quote face weights without the backing! Face weight is the weight of the turf in ounces, and more weight can mean a thicker and fuller lawn, BUT it doesn't necessarily mean the turf will have increased longevity. When asking for face weight comparisons, make sure it does not include the backing. A higher face weight will mean a higher quality, longer lasting turf.

Our Arizona Putting Greens

  • Our putting greens and golf greens will increase your golf skills dramatically.
  • Your greens will be green year-round.
  • Can set speed of green from an 8 to 14 on the stimpmeter.
  • Putting Greens can accept shots from over 200 yards.
  • Our turf is heavy metal free, child and pet friendly.
  • Over 40+ PGA touring Pros have Southwest Greens at their homes.
  • No golf course green fees!
  • Your home will be the envy of your golf buddies.
  • Your only concern will be "do I want my friends to become better golfers, too!"
Southwest Greens awarded Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best Synthetic Putting Green!