"Being a professional golfer, I want to practice my short game on a golf green that simulates the conditions on tour. Southwest Greens of the Valley has given me that and a great amenity for our family recreation. Unbelievable!"
~ Hale Irwin, 3 Time U.S. Open Champion Read More Pro Endorsements
Home and Garden Designing with Pottery

We offer the exceptional retail and potteryWe offer the exceptional retail and wholesale pottery that you need to enhance your home and garden. We offer the most decorative garden gift sets and pottery gift sets for your home and garden. Arizona Pottery containers allow you to plant where there is no earth by creating a home for flowers, shrubs, vegetables, scented greens and herbs on terraces, patios, buildings and balconies. In addition, they can be used to decorate a garden or patio area with simple accents or brilliant colors and textures. On the other hand, our pottery and vases can even stand empty and alone in a landscape design as a sculpture or be filled with many combinations of plant materials for decoration, function and color in any). Home and gardening with our pottery gives you the option of bringing the outdoors inside and Arizona Pottery can be placed in virtually any room in your home or office. Try planting a windowsill garden in the kitchen and fill with a vast selection of herbs or use large pots and bring in huge green palms and fragrant trees into the empty corners of any room.

Terracotta is one of the best materials to plant in because it is porous and allows the plant root system to breathe. Many master gardeners would never use anything else, as it consists of a pure form of harvest clay and makes an earth friendly alternative for planting in. Unfortunately, it also breaks down over time with constant fertilizing and watering. All terracotta clay is prone to cracking and is known for its breakability. Fortunately, Arizona Pottery specializes in the packing of terracotta pottery whether it is one pot or an entire truckload of pottery.

Arizona PotteryA well chosen pot enhances any area by adding color and fragrance. As you look at the design of your home or office area, imagine the desired feel that you want to create. Is your garden formal with ivy and evergreens or a fun mix of planting materials and colors? Do you want small pots in groupings or a few large pots with bushes and fruit trees?

Create a virtual Garden of Eden with the minimum amount of effort at a company where customers come first. Developing new garden designs allows your creative side to shine through. Try out different sizes in unique styles made out of unusual materials to produce a one of a kind look. Whether you live in a tiny city apartment or on a huge country estate, gardening with Arizona Pottery containers is a great way to add touches of color to your home and garden areas. While garden stores carry a few varieties, we have a huge selection to choose from. Come take a look at all of the choices that Arizona Pottery has to offer.

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