"Being a professional golfer, I want to practice my short game on a golf green that simulates the conditions on tour. Southwest Greens of the Valley has given me that and a great amenity for our family recreation. Unbelievable!"
~ Hale Irwin, 3 Time U.S. Open Champion Read More Pro Endorsements
Tee Lines Phoenix, Arizona Synthetic Turf

Southwest Greens Synthetic Turf Arizona Tee LinesSouthwest Greens of the Valley in Arizona specializes in tee lines for golf courses that want to reduce the costs of maintenance, while providing a realistic amenity at their facility. Our tee line products can be seen at the following golf courses:

  • Desert Mountain Golf Course
  • The Phoenician
  • The Phoenix Country Club
  • ASU’s Karsten Golf Course
  • Kokopelli Golf Course
  • Foothills Golf Course
  • Ancala Country Club
  • The Boulders

Though maintenance on our finished tee lines is minimal in comparison to that of real grass lines, synthetic turf tee lines do require some maintenance to keep it looking great and performing to the highest standards.

Our experience and expertise in the installation of synthetic turf amenities, including tee lines, has enabled us to offer products that provide a surface that mirrors the playability, look and feel of real grass. "Swing'" by and see for yourself why these synthetic turf tee lines are becoming more popular. For more information, please contact us at 480-664-9417 or click here to email us.


Hydrochill is Here!

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Why go with artificial grass?

  • Year round green grass and you'll hardly be able to tell the difference between synthetic and the real thing!
  • Little to no maintenance. No watering, mowing or fertilizer. Just more time for you to relax!
  • Build a true-to-size or miniature backyard putting green or putting course in your very own backyard. Our putting greens are a great addition to any residential home or commercial area and it will take your golf game to new heights!
  • Outdoor fun without the continued maintenance and upkeep that a backyard area requires.
  • Our turf is heavy metal free, child and pet friendly.

Buyer Beware: Do Not Buy Turf Based on Total Weight! Demand Face Weight.

Face weight is the weight of an area of turf blades only that is 3' X 3' or 9 square feet. Many companies when quoting face weights will include the weight of the backing, which is not the correct way to measure face weight. Face weight is a measure (weight) of the thickness and fullness of the turf. Companies that include total weight with backing for comparison purposes are being deceptive.

Southwest Greens will only quote face weights without the backing! Face weight is the weight of the turf in ounces, and more weight can mean a thicker and fuller lawn, BUT it doesn't necessarily mean the turf will have increased longevity. When asking for face weight comparisons, make sure it does not include the backing. A higher face weight will mean a higher quality, longer lasting turf.

If Golf is Your Game ...

  • Our putting greens and golf greens will increase your golf skills dramatically.
  • Your greens will be green year-round.
  • Can set speed of green from an 8 to 14 on the stimpmeter.
  • Putting Greens can accept shots from over 200 yards.
  • Our turf is heavy metal free, child and pet friendly.
  • Over 40+ PGA touring Pros have Southwest Greens at their homes.
  • No golf course green fees!
  • Your home will be the envy of your golf buddies.
  • Your only concern will be "do I want my friends to become better golfers, too!"
Southwest Greens awarded Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best Synthetic Putting Green!