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What are the best ways to maintain my synthetic turf and putting greens?

With winter upon us here in the desert southwest, leaves and other debris falls on our synthetic turf lawns and putting greens.  That means a bit of easy maintenance.

To clean your putting green or lawn of any debris, take a blower and hold about knee high to blow the debris off your surfaces.  Don’t hold the blower close to the turf or it will blow out the infill which is very important for your turf.

Your putting green contains approximately seven pounds of round ball bearing silica sand per square foot, lawns and fringe about one to two pounds per square foot.  This sand is what gives your putting green a smooth and fast roll.  Any sand that is blown out  will cause a nick or depression in your putting green surface, causing a untrue roll.  Also, it is very important not to stick the blower into the cups to rid debris, as it will blow sand out of the edges of the turf. When cleaning your Ultimate Tee Box turf also do not use a broom because this product is nylon and you do not want to disturb the fibers.

A few other putting green tips:

  •  If your putting green or fringe/lawn are dirty or dusty take a hose and spray gently the whole area for a new look.
  •  If you have sprinklers that run periodically on your green or lawn you might notice a white residue on the grass, that is a calcium buildup from the hard water in Arizona, just take the product CLR and spray on white areas and let sit for 5-10 minutes and wash off gently with a hose.

Lastly, some debris will settle into the bottom of your lawn turf. This is why we recommend once or twice a year for Southwest Greens of the Valley to do a full maintenance on your putting green and lawn. Our power brooms are great at pulling out all of the debris that has settled to the bottom, leaving a clean and brand new looking lawn and fringe!

A few good reasons to call Southwest Greens of the Valley to do your putting green maintenance:

  1. We have the power brooms to clean debris that falls to the bottom of your fringe or lawn turf.
  2. We never use these brooms to clean debris off your putting green because it will disturb the fibers and your ball will not roll as smooth as it should.

To learn more about synthetic grass, artificial turf and custom synthetic turf putting greens call Southwest Greens of the Valley at 480-664-9417 or contact us today by clicking here.