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What to do when your lawn or golf green gets soaked with heavy rains

Our weather can bring some heavy rains at times especially when it’s a monsoon. Yes, those monsoons can be a nuisance, but the majority of the time any damage to your synthetic lawn or putting green can be fixed to its original design by Southwest Greens of the Valley here in Phoenix, Arizona.

How will your lawn or golf green hold up when you get heavy rains? 

If an unusual amount of rain falls (2-5 inches) in a quick period of time. a few things can happen to your turf, but nothing to permanently damage it.

Southwest Greens turf drains 126 inches of water per hour, but that doesn’t mean your base will drain at that rate.  Water flow could lift your turf and damage the base area. That can easily be fixed by having a Southwest Greens’ installer roll back your turf, fix the base area, re-compact and then re-attach the turf. It will look just like it did before the storm!

Heavy water flow can also wash out the infill of silica sand and crumb rubber.  That shouldn’t be a problem. Southwest Greens can come out and re-infill your turf and power broom it to make it look brand new.

Your golf green infill, which has approximately seven pounds per square feet of a combination of round ball-bearing silica sand and a top dressing of black and green round ball-bearing silica sand, could partially be washed out. Just call Southwest Greens of the Valley and we will come out and re-infill your golf green with the same silica sand and we will then re-roll your golf green to give it the same roll and speed it had before.

Southwest Putting Greens International, Inc. and Southwest Greens of the Valley began installing synthetic turf grasses, play area, putting greens, tee boxes, tee lines and more here in the Valley of the Sun in 1996.  As one of the first companies to offer this product to Phoenicians and Northern Arizonans, Southwest Greens of the Valley slowly began spreading the word about synthetic turf throughout the greater Phoenix area.   If you would like to learn more about a synthetic lawn or custom golf green for your home or office, please call us today at 480-664-9417 or contact us now. 

Southwest Greens of the Valley putting green

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Dogs love turf lawns. So will you!

Dogs love turf lawns. So will you!





How Southwest Greens of the Valley Designs Your Custom Putting Green

At Southwest Greens of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona, we realize that there are many ways to design a putting green.

To better your putting skill, we try to design a putting green that will give you many rolls and breaks like you would find on a real golf course putting green such as:

  • Right to left putts
  • Left to right putts
  • Uphill and downhill putts
  • Most importantly, the long straight putt

We can build your putting green anyway you want it.  Yes, your very own customized putting green at your home!

Surrounding the putting green, our Southwest Greens of the Valley team, which serves the greater Phoenix area and suburbs, can install an apron consisting of our ELRT-Rec Turf, which is our one inch fairway turf, and we can use this for the entrance of your putting green just as you would see at country clubs in your area.  Outside of the ELRT-Rec Turf, we can install a longer turf 1 ¾” 0r 2” that would simulate tour rough.

How about making it even more realistic?

  • We can build grass or sand bunkers around the perimeter of your putting green.
  • We can build tee boxes with our ULTE-ultimate tee box turf that you see on driving ranges.
  • We can surround the tee box turf (ULTE) with our 1” fairway turf and 1 ¾” rough to give you three separate lies to chip from: tight lie, fairway lie, and rough lie.

Invite us over to your home or office to discuss the possibilities of your custom putting greens from Southwest Greens of the Valley.  Just use your imagination and we can build it!

For your complimentary consultation please call us today at 480-664-9414 or through our “contact us”.

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Phoenix putting green designed and installed by Southwest Greens of the Valley