What are the different types of synthetic turf for putting greens?

Putting is half the fun, chipping can really improve your game!

Fairway/Rec Turf is our 1” first cut turf that we install as an apron around your green or as an area leading up to the golf green, which gives you a tight fairway lie to chip from.

GB50 Golden Bear 50 is our 1 ¾ “ turf that gives you a 2nd cut chip that is attractive and useful when bordering our Fairway/Rec 1” turf

GB80 or Bermuda 72 are our 2” turfs which give you the opportunity to chip from a deep rough situation.

Ultimate Tee Box Turf—This is our tee box turf that we install at driving ranges. We can build a tee box using Ultimate Tee which gives you a very tight lie, or we can offer you a portable pad in any size that you can place in different parts of your yard.  This will give you all chipping angles to your golf green (you can also put a tee in it to drive), which means you can set up a net to hit every club in your bag.

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The best of everything from Southwest Greens of the Valley!

The best of everything from Southwest Greens of the Valley!