Types of Artificial Turf from Shaw and Southwest Greens of the Valley

Southwest Greens of the Valley is proud to announce new artificial turfs manufactured by Shaw Industries

Golden Bear 50
Golden Bear 50 is our most popular lawn turf. The blade height is 1 ¾ inch, we offer it in 2 colors
our Blend color is a combination of olive and evergreen and our Spring Green color is a brighter
more limier color. They both have brown thatch which gives it that authentic look.

Over Seeded Rye 50
This turf is our second most popular lawn turf, it is identical to Golden Bear 50 but has green thatch.
It is our residential and commercial lawn standard for synthetic turfs. This turf only comes in Blend
color (olive and evergreen) with green thatch.

Kentucky Bluegrass 60
This turf is a tad more plush then the Golden Bear and Over Seeded Rye with a 60 ounce face weight.
The blade height is 1 ¾ inch, and comes in 2 colors, blend and spring green. It also has green thatch.

Bermuda 72
This turf is thicker and more plush then the Kentucky Bluegrass with a 72 ounce face weight. It is a
beautiful looking turf that comes in blend or spring green. Blade height is 1 ¾ inch.

Golden Bear Plush 80
This is our thickest and most plush turf coming in at an 80 ounce face weight. The blade height on this
turf is 2 inches and comes in 2 colors, blend and spring green and also has the authentic brown thatch.

Fairway/Rec Turf 68
This is our shortest blade height turf at 1 1/8 inch and is thick at 68 ounce face weight. This is a great
turf to use as an apron around your putting green and is great to chip off of.

NY Putt/Nylon
This is a nylon turf that is great for glue downs on your patio. It can also be used as a putting green
surface as the ball rolls on it straight and true.

Ultimate Tee Box/Nylon
This is a fantastic tee box turf. It is our driving range turf that you see at many golf courses in the Phoenix
Metro area. Great to chip and hit irons off of and you can even stick a tee in it to drive from.

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Our sales consultants are trained to provide you with professional landscape designs. Every design is a custom Southwest Greens of the Valley design done just for you.

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