Southwest Greens of the Valley – Getting you a good roll on your winter putting greens

The science behind how Southwest Greens of the Valley can get you the roll you desire on your putting green.

The cool weather of the Arizona winter makes it hard to get a good roll on your putting green, so at Southwest Greens of the Valley in the greater Phoenix area, we always like to put a stimpmeter on your putting green to get the speed of your green to your specifications that you work for you.

The stimpmeter is like a yard stick where you put the ball in a slot at one end, with the other
end touching the green. As you slowly lift the stimpmeter up the ball will
roll off it. You then measure the distance that the ball rolled, (do it
in the flattest part of the green, no uphill or downhills). Repeat this 2-3 times
and average the distance. Repeat using the stimpmeter in the other
direction 2-3 times and take the average distance of all rolls.  You will then have
your stimp speed!

For example: One way 8ft—9ft—9.5ft = 8.83ft—–Opposite direction 7ft—8ft—8.5ft = 7.83ft
8.83ft + 7.83ft /2 = 8.33 stimp speed

Average stimp speed for Country Clubs in the Phoenix Metro area is around 9.5-10.5, The Masters in
Augusta Georgia probably has the highest of all tournaments, along with
the US Open. They stimp out around 12-13.

Southwest Greens of the Valley rolls your putting green like real golf courses. We use a 600lb Brutus
roller. After installing your green, we put an initial roll on it to get it to a 7.5-8.5 stimp. In the winter it’s harder to get it fast on the first roll, that’s why we ask you to let the putting green settle for a month after the first roll, and we’ll then come back out in about 3-4 weeks to put a final roll on
it to get it to a 9.5-10.5 stimp, or whatever speed you desire.

In the middle of the summer it’s easier to get it rolled to a 9-10 on the first roll
because of the sun and heat, which allows the blades to bend over and
stay that way.

Now you know the story behind green speeds and the knowledge behind every putting green that’s designed and installed by the professionals at Southwest Greens of the Valley, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and the entire metro and suburban areas.  Call us today at 480-664-9417 for your complimentary consultation and estimate.

Southwest Greens of the Valley custom putting green with bunker