Cost savings from synthetic grass

The cost savings case for synthetic grass from Southwest Greens of the Valley

If you’re thinking about installing synthetic grass as your new lawn, your on your way to saving a lot of time and money!  Here’s our analysis when comparing live grass to synthetic grass from Southwest Greens of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona.

Regular Sod Grass:

Lawn size: 1000 square feet

Cost to have sod installed: $1500.00

Irrigation system: $ 800

Starter fertilizer and soil amenities: $ 200

Cost to maintain: $120/month

Repair costs: average per year: $100

**Total: $3,800 cost in first year

*Annual maintenance cost for sod grass is about 12
cents per sq. foot to maintain.  The numbers: 1000 sq. feet
x .12 cents per sq. foot = $120 per month x 12 months = 1,440.00
per year x 4 years = $5,760

Synthetic Grass Cost:

Lawn size: 1000 square feet

Cost: 6.50 per sq. foot average

Total cost = $6,500.00 for your turf and complete installation.

By the numbers:

In a few short years synthetic grass will pay for itself
and give you savings for an additional 6 – 10 years without the maintenance
headaches, and you’ll be saving tons of precious water, too!

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